mit natürlichem Melatonin
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‘Milchkristalle’ with natural melatonin

Whether for sleeping disorders, for anti-aging purposes or to strengthen the immune system: the hormone melatonin has been linked with many positive effects*.

So-called “milk crystals” are rich in natural melatonin and are made from milk, which has been milked at night. Through a special method of cold processing, this night milk is turned into a powder – thereby making natural melatonin without any side effects available to you now. Milk crystals can be stirred into milk, water or your favorite beverage to drink before going to bed.

Experience the secret of natural melatonin.

  • 100% natural melatonin
  • 100% bioavailable

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*) Pierpaoli, W.; Regelson, W (1996): Melatonin - Schlüssel zu ewiger Jugend, Gesundheit und Fitness. München.